Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The new site is up!


We put a lot of effort into it. We hope you guys enjoy it... and bring your friends over :)

Some of the changes may seem cosmetic but a lot of the guts of the site was rewritten from scratch. This had to be done to enable us to move on and keep adding features.

Work in progress...

There are a few items that are obviously not done or completed yet. For example:

  • The new dvdaf home page did not make it in this release. That will probably come around within a month or so.
  • The tutorials are really old at this point. We need to make some new ones and put them on YouTube.
  • Many of the little yellow flag helpers (the little question marks that turn yellow when you hover over them) will still say something like "need to write explain for XYZ" – I guess we need to sit down and write those up.
  • Our bug tracker / feature request site ( is not working. We need to figure out what is up with that and fix it.
  • The price comparison feature needs new data feeds, and some of the vendor links are not working. We decide to prioritize the features you do see over that. Once we get those links fixed we hope you will help us out by using them when shopping on-line. Of course all the Amazon links and prices are working now.
  • The load governor is not in place just yet. So the site may go down if the demand is high, but we should be fixing that shortly.

Otherwise let us know (twitter or if you find anything wrong... it is there... we just have to find it... and fix it :-)

Going forward...

There is a lot of stuff in the works. Some of it will be released in the next couple of months and some of it will come about a little bit later when morphs into Stay tuned!

As always, thank you all very much for your support.  You help is greatly appreciated, be that financial, submission of titles, general upkeep of the database, or even if you are just getting the word out and having more folks join dvdaf.

Thank you!
-The dvdaf team


IWouldTotallyHitThat said...

Kudos on the new site, as you say most of the work is behind the scenes, but I like the new layout already, it has a cleaner feel to it.

I love being able to click on the director's name or the publisher and search my collection for other titles by them. I wonder have you ever considered adding an 'actors' column? I realise it's probably a lot of work, and there are almost always considerably more actor than directors credits, but if it is something you have considered implementing, it would be very useful!

Chadurban said...

What DVDAF really needs is a mobile app which you can synch to your online account and be able to view your collection on it offline. Love the site and been using it for years, but when I go shopping I really need a portable list of my collection. So much I am thinking of re-entering my entire 2000+ movie collection into one of the current apps out their.