Friday, February 24, 2012

New "About Me / Favorite Videos" Functionality

Yesterday we put the finishing touches on this new piece of functionality. We still have hope to get it out this weekend, but it may take an extra week. We packed too much stuff in this release and as most of you know we only have one developer -- C'est moi :)

But... this one is lock and stocked

The idea is that you can "Show off your likes and describe your Film Aficionado persona with your favorite videos"

When you hook-up with someone with similar tastes they can pretty much parade you through what they think best represent a genre, an idea, someone's work, anything really. They create their own groupings of videos (categories), decide the sequence in which they are shown, etc.

For example, have your "Greatest (or Latest) in Horror" category right next to your "Great Moments in Film Noir", followed by "Why Kurosawa Rules Widescreen" etc, etc.

The idea is to be totally visual, no intro, no explanations, it is clip after clip and the sequence should speak for itself :)

Here is a screen shot

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